Finvex is a leading financial solution designer. We create and maintain robust financial investment solutions – notably indices – across all asset classes.


We offer investment consultancy services in relation to indices, working with a variety of institutional clients, such as universal banks, private banks, investment managers and exchanges. We also offer a series of equity indices with live track-records which show consistent risk reduction, reduced volatility and lower drawdowns than the market.


Finvex is about delivery, not just advice. Our approach is result driven.

Our know-how stems from experience and we focus on client satisfaction. Our experience will result in an investment solution that is transparent, designed according to the highest standards, and where applicable, ready to be offered to your clients.

We will work in a transparent way with you.

We will set clear milestones that we will agree with you. Such milestones can include:

  • the search for appropriate and tailored investment strategies;
  • guidance through the construction process with consideration of its inherent constraints;
  • development of linear or derivative solutions;
  • the proposition of appropriate packaging alternatives and distribution methods.

Our approach leads to the effective transformation of investment concepts into accessible financial product solutions.

We will add value in many ways.

Our solutions are state-of-the-art and contribute significantly to financial results. Furthermore, customers often experience that our solutions are franchise-building and further enhance their brand recognition in different ways.

Finvex has access to many experts, researchers and data providers to ensure that the highest methodological standards are applied to each development.


Headquartered in Brussels and member of the Horus Group, we have access to many expert researchers and data analysts consistently to refine our investment solutions.


Finvex benefits from an exclusive partnership with Societe Generale. 101673470-SOC102.530x298