Finvex Group and Vicap agree to co-operate

Finvex Group and Mauricio Zanini, founder of Vicap, Value Investing Capital, have agreed to start a co-operation in the field of equity analysis.

Vicap is an independent research firm that offers systematic corporate economic data on valuation and cash returns of listed companies. Mauricio Zanini will become a dedicated consultant to Finvex Group.

Finvex Group is a consulting firm in systematic investment solutions with a focus on risk analysis.“We see our co-operation as an opportunity to build the next generation investment solutions”, says Benedict Peeters, co-founder of Finvex Group. 'The data is all there', continues Joakim Darras, co-founder of Finvex Group, 'but the value added comes from extracting the relevant information and building a standardised database which can also be used by systematic or institutional investors'

“I believe our combined intelligence on the equity markets will be a unique offer for institutional investors and intermediaries” concludes Mauricio Zanini.