Kris Boudt joins Finvex Group

Kris Boudt joins Finvex Group as a partner.

Kris Boudt, PhD in Applied Economics at K.U.Leuven, is an expert in financial risk analysis. He is an Affiliate Researcher at the K.U.Leuven (Belgium) and Assistant Professor at the business schools of Lessius in Antwerp (Belgium) and the University of Illinois in Chicago. He will continue to combine these functions with his partner role in Finvex Group.

Furthermore, Kris Boudt is author of several influential financial research papers with publications in Journal of Risk, Journal of Empirical Finance, RISK magazine and the CSDA issue on financial econometrics, among others. His research focuses on robust estimation of financial risk under non-normal distributions, the analysis of predictors of market stress and the integration of CVaR budgets and sustainability objectives into successful portfolio allocation rules.

“We are very pleased to have Kris on board as a partner”, says Joakim Darras, Founding Partner of Finvex Group. “He brings along a wealth of expertise on normal and extreme financial risks, cornerstone ingredients for crisis proof intelligent investment solutions” he continues.

“Finvex Group has the right focus and knows the market” says Kris Boudt. “I am excited about this partnership and to bring advanced risk insights to the market through innovative financial solutions and recommendations. Our findings today are truly groundbreaking.”

“Kris will be instrumental in building out our research platform for state-of-the-art investment solutions and advanced advisory to banks, insurers and wealth managers” adds Benedict Peeters, Founding Partner of Finvex Group. “The landscape is changing: risk and extreme risk become ex-ante drivers of strategic and tactical asset allocation instead of ex-post checks” he concludes.

Finvex Group was founded in 2009 and offers expertise in advanced financial investment solutions accessible through custom index design or advisory.