Pure Play and Finvex team up

Pure Play and Finvex join forces to develop and promote quantitative equity strategies in the European market.

Pure Play is a specialist house in quantitative equity strategies. Founders Nardin Baker and Paul Aaronson combine more than 50 years experience in in the design and management of quantitative equity portfolio strategies. Pure Play’s focus is around risk controlled equity portfolio construction and multi-factor investment models. Finvex is a boutique firm specialized in the distribution and structuring of index based solutions for the European market.

“Pure Play has a rigorous and risk controlled equity investment approach that leads the way for equity investing post-crisis" says Benedict Peeters of Finvex “Our partners combine recognized academic authority with vast field of expertise in risk managed and multi-factor equity investing” adds Joakim Darras, co-founder of Finvex.

Nardin Baker explains: “This partnership allows us to offer our robust equity investment technology to the European market through professionals who thoroughly understand our approach and know how to customize our offer to client needs.”

Finvex and Pure Play will start promoting risk managed equity strategies to a wide range of European investors as of February.