Rabobank International and Finvex Group enter into a strategic co-operation

Rabobank International and Finvex Group have agreed to strategically co-operate in the field of risk optimized investment solutions. Finvex Group is a Brussels based specialized consulting boutique in passive, quantitative investment solutions and products who have assisted Rabobank International over the last 12 months in the development of the Rabobank Sustainable and Efficient Index Series. These investment solutions are Rabobank International’s answer to optimized equity investing in volatile times. The indices incorporate advanced methods in equity risk reduction and are based on sophisticated risk models designed by Finvex Group.

Rabobank International’s Global Financial Markets area and Finvex Group will now take this working relationship a step further with Finvex Group providing extensive specialist marketing and development services to Rabobank International. Rabobank International will leverage on Finvex Group’s expertise to build out a broader systematic investment solutions business.

“Investors want more stability”, says Xavier Ducros, European Head of Structuring at Rabobank International, “Rabobank International stands for such stability, as do our solutions with Finvex Group” he continues. “We are very excited about this co-operation” says Benedict Peeters, CEO of Finvex Group, “Rabobank advocates the same principles of proper risk management as we do” he continues.